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Pizza Dough: – 650 grams warm water – 20 grams olive oil – 14 grams active dry yeast – 10 grams brown sugar – 1 kilogram type 00 flour – 15 grams kosher salt Spice Blend: – Dry onion flakes – Dry garlic flakes – Poppy seeds – Sesame seeds – Coarse sea salt Pizza and Garnishes: – 2 ounces plum tomatoes – 1 ounce shredded Real California Mozzarella Cheese – ½ ounce thinly sliced shallots – 2 ounces Real California Mt. Tam Triple Cream Cheese – 1 ounce thinly sliced smoked salmon – 1/3 ounce rinsed capers :Crema, Butter, Pizza, Pizza Recipe, Seafood Pizza, Mt. Tam, Mozzarella, Salmon
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To prepare Pizza Dough, combine water, olive oil, yeast and brown sugar in large bowl. Stir in flour and salt; mix for 3 to 5 minutes. Allow to rise for two hours. Roll dough into 6-ounce balls and refrigerate 24 hours.

To prepare Spice Blend, combine all spices and store in sealed container until ready to use.

To prepare Pizza and Garnishes, bring one dough ball to room temperature. Preheat oven to 750°F. Stretch dough into desired shape. Crush plum tomatoes and spread over dough. Sprinkle evenly with shredded mozzarella cheese, then top with sliced shallots. Cut Mt. Tam cheese into pieces and scatter over pizza. Lay smoked salmon slices evenly over top, then sprinkle with rinsed capers. Finally, sprinkle Spice Blend around perimeter. Bake 3 to 5 minutes, turning as needed. Remove from oven and slice before serving.

Recipe developed by Cliff Buchanan, Pizza Bodega, Bodega, Calif.

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Makes 1 pizza