Summer Appetizer

Pasqualina or spinach pie

Servings: 8


This is a family recipe that has been passed on for generations in my husband's Argentine family. Unfortunately he has no sisters and so my mother in law passed the recipe onto me. This is a dish that can be eaten hot or cold. My kids LOVE it and its the ONLY way to get them to eat their greens. The roux is what makes this dish appeal to anyone and everyone! Using REAL butter and WHOLE milk enhances the flavor of the dish. YUM!


Ready made pie crust 2 boxes of frozen chopped spinach Olive oil Onion Flour Milk Butter Salt Pepper Nutmeg 6 eggs


First allow the spinach to completely defrost and completely drain any excess liquid. Also allow pie crust to reach room temp. Finely chop onion. Pour a small amount of olive oil into the pan so as to saut the onions and spinach together. Add two pinches of salt and two pinches of pepper. The onions must become clear but do NOT caramelize. In a seperate pot, add 6 tbl spoons of butter, let melt. Then add 6 tble spoons flour. Lower heat. Mix well. Meanwhile add 3 pinches of salt, 3 pinches of pepper, and 2 pinches of nutmeg. Then add 1 cup of milk. Put heat up and mix everything continuosly. The mix should begin to thicken. The mix should be thick enough to make a ball. Otherwise you need more flour. If it's too thick or thickens too quickly for good mixing then add more milk. Turn heat off and remove from heat once the bottom begins to scald as you are mixing. Now mix the white sauce into the spinach mix. Next roll out bottom pie crust into pie dish. Add spinach- white sauce. Using the back of a spoon, dig 6 holes into the pie (including the one in the middle) then crack an egg into each hole. Next roll the top of the pie crust over. Pinch the edges together. Now pour a splash of milk over the top and spread around with your fingers. Be sure to dampen the edges too. Then use a fork to make vent holes in the top of the crust. Follow the directions of the pie crust box to bake. Make sure the milk has completely evaporated and the crust is golden. It usually rtakes about 12-15 min in my oven at 425 degrees.