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Dairy and COVID:
Family Meals
Restaurants are offering family meals packed with delicious dairy.
Dairy and COVID:
Grocery at Foodservice
Many restaurants have started selling dairy essentials.
Dairy and COVID:
Meal Kits
Chains are providing dairy-rich meal kits for customers.
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What it means to be Real California

These days, “real” matters. Customers want to know where their food comes from, and the legitimacy of the Real California seal can make a difference to your bottom line. The Golden State leads the nation in fluid milk, butter, ice cream, and nonfat dry milk production; and California comes second in the nation in cheese and yogurt production. Here’s information about why it’s vital that your dairy ingredients carry the Real California seal.

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Everything you need to know about California Cheese

Cheese with the Real California seal adds value to your foodservice offerings and can make a difference to your bottom line. Below you’ll find information about the best ways to taste, serve and pair Real California cheeses as well as tips for training your staff on the product.

Baking with California Dairy Products

The diversity of Real California Dairy products means you’ll always have the perfect product available for every recipe. Below you’ll find helpful information and pro tips to help you make the most of your baking experience.